About Law-Pro-9 – Bankruptcy Attorney

LAW-PRO-9, P.C. is a professional law corporation based in Northern California. The law firm was established in 1999 and handles Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies for consumers like you.

  • The Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy is the type where all of your debts are simply wiped out instead of being put into a payment plan.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the type where you reorganize your existing debt into a repayment plan that you can afford.

About My Representation

I purposefully maintain a smaller law firm so as to offer each client personal attention throughout each phase of the legal process. I believe that each client should be treated with integrity and respect for their individual needs. I will give you the individual attention that I would like to receive as a client and the personal representation you deserve.  I always feel privileged to represent a particular client. Your case will be no exception.

A+  Rating with BBB

About Bankruptcy

It is commonly believed that the origin of the word “bankruptcy” comes from a combination of the Latin words bancus (bench or table) and ruptus (broken). When a banker or tradesman, who originally conducted his marketplace transactions on a bench in the public, was unable to meet his obligations, the work bench was physically broken in a symbolic showing that the tradesman should not continue his trade.

Today, the United States constitutionally provides for its bankruptcy laws – the most current code being enacted in 1978 and the most recent major amendment being in 2005. And NO – you cannot go to jail for not paying your debts.


  • 4th May, 2015