What Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?

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Every Bankruptcy is Unique

One thing I have learned after handling many thousands of bankruptcies is that every case has its own challenges and difficulties. Every case is unique. I do not have a one price fits all policy for Chapter 7 of Chapter 13 cases. As a consumer you should be weary of any Attorney who practices this way. A one price fits all policy means that in an easy case you are getting overcharged, and in a difficult case the attorney is being underpaid (underpaid = under- motivated). Either situation is untenable. Your case, and every case, deserves an individual fee based on the challenges associated with the legal services you require.

Price Ranges

That being said, there are some common price ranges I charge for consumer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.
Average Range – Chapter 7: $890.00 – $1890.00
Average Range – Chapter 13: $4000.00 – $6000.00


Most importantly, none of this matters if you cannot afford my fee. Thus, I offer monthly payment plans that allow you to secure my immediate representation with little to no money up front.

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  • 4th May, 2015