Bankruptcy Filing Process Overview

I am often asked by my clients about the Bankruptcy Process – “How does it work?” or “What can I expect?”. Below is a short and very general summary of the Bankruptcy Process. For more specific information Contact LAW-PRO-9 >>


Step 1:

First there is an Initial Attorney Evaluation Appointment with LAW-PRO-9, P.C. Most of the time I will do this right over the phone or, if you wish to visit me, I will be happy to meet with you personally at either of my offices.

Step 2:

If you can and should file Bankruptcy, I will tell you immediately. A payment plan that you can afford and a contract for the anticipated legal services will be prepared for your review.

Step 3:

During the term wherein you are making payments towards your bankruptcy, I will represent you!

Step 4:

When your fees are eventually paid, I immediately prepare your petition and file it with the proper court. You do not need to prepare anything. This entire preparation process I often do over the phone, and in the evenings, so as to minimize any interference with your employment or other obligations.

Step 5:

You will then be notified of your Court appearance. In most cases there is generally only one short court appearance. I will accompany you to the court!!!

Step 6:

After your Court appearance, your case will be completed with little or no further participation.

Step 7:

Rest assured, during the entire process you will be represented by an attorney!


  • 4th May, 2015